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The Teaching and Learning Center


Student learning for all students is a central part of the LAE's mission. Ensuring great schools through supporting great teaching is crucial to the success of our schools. LAE members build, own, and lead in a number of areas to improve the quality of teaching and learning through our Teaching and Learning Center.

COVID-19 Resources

Research shows that people -- both adults and kids, alike -- react differently to uncertainty, and that those with a higher intolerance for uncertainty may be less resilient and more prone to low mood, negative or down feelings and anxiety. No one can avoid the unexpected. Click on the flyers provided below for a few tips on how do deal with the stress that comes with uncertainty:

The Great Unknown: Dealing with the Stress of Anxiety


The Great Unknown: Dealing with the Stress of Anxiety in Kids & Teens   

Stress Management for Kids and Teens



Customized Learning: The professional development you need and want. Check out our areas of focus below:


Micro-credentials: The pathway to professional freedom



Blended Learning: Opportunities to learn in-person or through virtual trainings



Face-to-face Professional Development: Learn with your peers at your school or local association






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