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Keep the Promise

When lawmakers make promises, it's our job to hold them accountable to fulfilling their promises. Time and time again, Louisiana legislators, BESE members, and Governor Edwards himself, have said that Louisiana's K-12 public schools are a top priority. In addition to school funding, educator pay is one of the most critical issues set to be debated in the 2020 Legislative Session. It is imperative that lawmakers do what is needed to raise teachers', and all other public school employees', salaries so that educator pay reaches the levels of those in surrounding states. This is a promise that cannot be broken.

The session starts in just a few weeks. It is critical for every person with a vested interest in Louisiana's public schools to put pressure on those individuals involved in the budgeting process — that means state representatives, senators, school board members, and, yes, Governor Edwards. 

The LAE, as we always have, will be front and center in urging lawmakers to make the appropriate investments in education to ensure all public school teachers and school support workers are honored for their dedication to our state's future. We will not lose sight of what's most important: coming together to fight for the women and men who work tirelessly to educate and support our children.


Here's what LAE is doing to urge state lawmakers, Board of Elementary and Secondaring Education members, and yes, Governor Edwards to "keep the promise" when it comes to prioritizing school funding and educator pay increases:


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