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What's BESE?

The Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) is the administrative body for all Louisiana public elementary and secondary schools; it also performs certain administrative functions for the state's non-public elementary and secondary schools. BESE adopts regulations and enacts policies governing the operations of the schools under its jurisdiction, and exercises budgetary oversight of their educational programs and services.
BESE is a Board with 11 members.  Eight are elected, and three are appointed by the Governor, and all their terms run concurrently with the term of the governor. They all serve without pay. 

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BESE generally meets every other month for two days. The first day is committee meetings, where members sit as a Committee of the Whole (all members sitting as part of each Committee), and the second day they meet as the full Board. 

The Bulletins (regulations/rules) that govern how statutes are to be implemented are proposed by the Department of Education, but must pass BESE before they go into effect.

For a schedule of BESE’s upcoming meetings, CLICK HERE. Agendas are generally posted 10 days prior to the date of the meeting. 

To receive electronic notification of BESE published meeting agendas and related materials via email, CLICK HERE
To view live streaming of meetingS, CLICK HERE.
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Advisory Councils and Task Forces


BESE also has a number of Advisory Councils and Task Forces to assist the Board in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

Additional Resources:

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Website

2020 BESE members

District 1: James Garvey

District 2: Kira Orange Jones

District 3: Sandy Holloway

District 4: Tony Davis

District 5: Ashley Ellis

District 6: Ronnie Morris

District 7: Dr. Holly Boffy

District 8: Preston Castille

Members-at-large (Appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards)

Dr. Belinda Davis

Thomas Roque

Doris Voitier

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