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Membership Recruitment Incentive

It may be getting cooler outside, but team LAE is heating up! YOU have a chance to join us and win a brand new pair of high-end sunglasses! 

Campaign timeline?
Thursday, October 17- Friday, December 20, 2019

Who’s eligible?

LAE member recruiters: Association members who recruit others to belong to the LAE during the campaign timeframe will have their name entered into a drawing to win a pair of designer sunglasses.

1 member recruited = 1 drawing entry. 

The more members an individual enrolls, the more chances that individual has to win!

New members: Every new LAE member who joins during the campaign timeline will have their name placed into a drawing for a  pair of designer sunnies! 

*Please note: The individual selected in the drawing must be a member of the association at the time of the drawing.

Questions? Contact LAE Director of Membership Growth and Organizing Dr. Craig Carter at

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