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LAE Applauds Governor's Push for Educator Pay Increases

LAE Applauds Governors’ Push for Educator Pay Raises
BATON ROUGE, LA – APRIL 8, 2019 – Louisiana Association of Educators President and 38-year classroom veteran, Debbie Meaux made the following statement after Governor John Bel Edwards delivered his State of the State speech Monday at the Capitol.
“On behalf of LAE members across the state, I applaud Governor Edwards for making educator pay raises and education funding a top priority,” Meaux said. “The governor made a significant point during his speech when he referenced teachers preparing our children for the future while struggling to provide for their own. This is the reality of public education in Louisiana. For far too long educators and support professionals have sacrificed personally to lift up their students, and it’s time we reward them for the tremendous work they do to impact the lives of kids.”
The governor’s remarks echo the sentiments of Louisiana citizens. More than 1,000 community members turned out to a series of town halls across Louisiana that LAE helped host with partners in the Louisiana Public School Coalition. A recent LAE poll also found that 80 percent of Louisianans affirmed their support of boosting educator pay.
“From Houma to Shreveport, people are demanding that Louisiana policy makers do better by our children,” Meaux said. “It’s time for our legislators to follow the governor’s lead and commit to raising educators’ pay and increasing public education funding.”
While LAE believes school employees deserve much more than the $1,000 for teachers and $500 for education support professionals that’s currently being proposed, the group thinks the pay boost is a move in the right direction. Association leaders are working to make sure what’s currently being proposed in terms of salary increases is part of a multi-year plan.
Louisiana’s 2019 Legislative Session began April 8 and continues through June 6. LAE’s top priority is supporting efforts to increase school funding, which will ultimately pave the way for a pay boost for all Louisiana’s public school employees. Learn more about LAE’s educator pay poll, here.

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