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Pre-UniServ Academy

The East Baton Rouge Pre-UniServ Academy is built on a “grow your own” strategy.  Small states find it difficult to attract and retain UniServ staff and they often see their investments in hiring new staff evaporate as individuals take their skills elsewhere.  This Academy targets educators who are exploring a possible career with their union.  While no promises are made as to future employment, the experience is designed to provide a cohort experience that is project-based, rigorous in nature and provides skill development in the competencies required of affiliates in a Post-Janus environment.   

Pre-UniServ Academy Structure

The full academy includes three on-site experiences. Two of these are two-day, weekend, classroom experiences, and the third is a four-day, field-based experience with the Louisiana Association of Educators and NEA staff. Participants must complete all three experiences. In addition, participants agree to regular check-ins and the completion of a member-focused, worksite campaign project. The total timeline for the completion of these experiences is three months.

Pre-UniServ Academy Costs and Dates

NEA will pay hotel, on-site meal and on-site material costs for participants.  Any other costs are paid by the sponsoring affiliate or the individual. Costs that local or state affiliates may want to extend are substitute stipends.  We can provide supporting documents for the professional and leadership learning that should help interested individuals secure time away from work.

Upcoming opportunities: TBA

Who Should Attend?

Participants in this program should understand that this is a commitment like taking a course.  All aspects of the course are expected to be completed.  Therefore, we look to you and your leaders to select those credible and respected members that have shown interest and readiness to learn about UniServ Director staff work.   Each participant will require "permission"  and a "recommendation" from you and/or your executive director.  A goal of this program is continue to develop a pipeline of diverse individuals who have a strong foundation of understanding for the work.   

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