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Employment Opportunities

Louisiana Association of Educators - Executive Director
Based in Baton Rouge, LA

The history of the Louisiana Association of Educators is as eclectic as the state in which it was founded. An association born from the dedication and passion of thousands of Louisiana’s hardworking public school professionals, LAE’s roots are compelling and significant, not only to association members, but to the ever-changing landscape of the state’s public school system.

The professional advocacy association known today as the LAE looked quite different 40 years ago. In the 70’s, Louisiana’s educator advocacy groups were segregated – the Louisiana Education Association’s membership consisted of predominantly African American members, and the Louisiana Teachers Association’s members were predominantly Caucasian. Governor Edwin Edwards encouraged a merger, saying it would give educators more power with lawmakers as well as the general public. In 1977, the two groups merged to create the Louisiana Association of Educators. A bold new voice for educators had emerged; a voice fighting for fair treatment of both black and white educators in Louisiana. Lawrence Narcisse took the reigns as the first president of the LAE. Shortly after the merger, the association held its first and largest joint rally at the Louisiana State Capitol in support of educator pay increases.

As the LAE continues to head further into the 21st century, it continues to change, evolving with the landscape of the Louisiana’s public schools. And members continue to push their mission – to organize and empower educators, strengthen the education profession all while creating great public schools for every child in Louisiana.


The Executive Director is the Association’s chief administrative officer and management agent who leads a staff in coordination with the LAE President to insure implementation of the full scope of policies, procedures, and programs approved and adopted by the LAE Board of Directors. In collaboration with the President and Officers, the Executive Director develops and manages an annual organizational budget and is accountable to the Board for the long term financial and fiscal health and sustainability of the Association.


Key Organizational Opportunities and Challenges:


To be considered for this position, the applicant must be prepared to share and validate a record of personal achievements in the following competency areas.


LAE is prepared to offer a generous and competitive salary and benefits package consistent with experience, skills and demonstrated abilities.

To be considered for this position, please provide the following:

All materials must be sent electronically to the following:

Margolies and Potterton, Union Search, LLC.

For all questions regarding this search, including confidential inquiries, please contact:

Debra Schwoch-Swoboda (East Coast)  |   Jim Potterton (West Coast)                  |
(414) 217-5160 (Eastern time zone)   |   (831) 332-9324 (Pacific time zone)    

APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 28, 2020 at 5:00 pm (EST).

Louisiana Association of Educators is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion in its hiring practices. We are an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. Women and people of color are encouraged to apply.

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