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LAE President Responds to Court's Decision Regarding Type Two Charter Schools

LAE President Responds to Court’s Decision Regarding Type Two Charter School Funding


Baton Rouge, LA – March 13, 2018 -- The Supreme Court of Louisiana announced its decision in an ongoing dispute over the funding of Type 2 charter schools. Justices ruled 5-2 to reverse previous decisions prohibiting public school funding dollars from going to these types of schools. LAE President Debbie Meaux responded to the ruling.

"I speak for the dedicated school employees of the Louisiana Association of Educators when I say I’m disappointed in the court’s decision,” Meaux said. “Throughout this whole process, I’ve heard the other side argue that this is just about money — and they're right - it is about money. Money that could be used to upgrade technology in all of our schools. Money that could be used to fund a teacher's aide for every class so that all students can get one-on-one attention in the classroom. Money that could be used to fund art and music programs that have been cut. So yes, it is most definitely about money – the money so desperately needed to fund the schools where a majority of our children learn. This ruling only solidifies the division of schools into separate systems, creating greater inequities for our students."

Meaux did wish to applaud Judge Jeff Hughes’ dissent on the ruling, which addresses the importance of city and parish schools being managed by elected boards, and the fact that these boards give taxpayers a means of assuring school accountability. 

“Shortcuts around the Constitution, even for what may seem laudable or politically expedient, are inimical to democracy and are not cool,” Hughes wrote in his dissent.

Association leaders will meet with attorneys to determine next steps. For more information, please contact Ashley Davies at (504) 319-0846.

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