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The Vermilion Association of Educators Joins Attorney General Landry in Suit Against Vermilion Parish School Board

Baton Rouge, LA - — On March 9, 2018, leaders of the Vermilion Association of Educators (VAE) announced they are signing a resolution and have joined Attorney General Jeff Landry’s suit against the Vermilion Parish School Board for actions taken against teacher Deyshia Hargrave in January. Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE) President Debbie Meaux, also a former teacher, made the following statement after the VAE’s announcement.

“Former Teacher of the Year Deyshia Hargrave’s voice was silenced at a Vermilion Parish School Board meeting when she questioned the allocation of the districts’ precious dollars,” Meaux said. “She was standing up for her students and her fellow teachers, and for this, she was arrested. This was an egregious and unjust act. Attorney General Landry’s decision to file suit makes it crystal clear that what the school board did was wrong."
“The Vermilion Association of Educators has joined the Attorney General in this suit because educators must know that it is safe to stand up for their students,” said Vermilion Association of Educators President Suzanne Breaux. “Our school board set a terrifying precedent when they arrested a teacher for speaking out. The hardworking educators of this parish will not be coerced into silence.”
Deyshia Hargrave also responded to the Attorney General’s decision to file suit against the school board.
“I try to teach my students that in this life there are consequences. The Vermilion Parish School Board unjustly denied me my freedom to speak,” Hargrave said. “I appreciate Attorney General Jeff Landry and the Vermilion Association of Educators’ efforts to hold the school board accountable for this blatant violation. This should never happen to another educator.”

For more information or to arrange an interview with Ms. Hargrave, Mrs. Breaux, and/or Ms. Meaux, contact LAE Communications Director Ashley Davies at 225.343.9243 ext. 119.

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