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It's Time to Get it Right, LA!

All children in Louisiana deserve access to a great education. In order for this to be possible, the state needs to prioritize investing in K-12 public schools.

Local school systems across the state are losing out on billions of dollars in revenue to corporate tax exemptions. Money that could be used to put state-of-the-art technology in the hands of every public school student, instead goes to benefit big businesses.

Louisiana school districts can’t afford to keep giving away billions in needed dollars at the expense of students. It’s time for elected officials to rethink revenue giveaways, and instead, prioritize the funding of long-term investments in modern public school facilities, technology, books, libraries, and other community services that benefit all Louisiana’s students. This is our best bet for setting every child on a path to a successful future.

It’s time to get it right, Louisiana! Demand that elected officials put students’ needs first when considering corporate tax exemption proposals. Our schools and our children’s future depends on it.

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