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It's Time to Get it Right, LA!

Students need smaller class sizes, updated text books, and accessible health services. Educators need updated teaching tools, safe classrooms, and better pay. True stories, right?

Well, here's a way to get the money needed to make this possible: Roll back on corporate tax breaks.

Just last year, school districts across Louisiana lost millions of dollars in revenue to a corporate tax break program that allows big businesses to skip out on paying their fair share of property taxes. Learn more about the program by checking out this quick explainer video....

It's no secret that LAE is focusing on raising awareness about the state's Industrial Tax Exemption Program. We're calling for a roll back on these types of tax breaks for multi-million dollar companies because we see this as a feasible solution for adequately funding local school budgets. 

In late April, LAE hosted a conversation with members across the state to talk about an issue that has been a hot topic for some time now: education funding. The purpose of the call was to gather feedback from members on how school funding impacts them and their students, and also, to determine the ways members would be willing to help articulate the dire need to prioritize school funding. Here are a few takeaways:

We presented actions for members to take to help raise awareness about the needs of our schools. The following reflects the percentages of members who said YES to taking the suggested actions:

The most important takeaway from the conversation was the need for members to help amplify these actions at the local level.


It’s time to get it right, and in order to do that, Louisiana must focus on making long-term investments in our schools. I hope you agree and are willing to help us amplify this sentiment.


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