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K-12 Public School Funding

A high-quality education system endows all students with the ability to uncover their gifts, sharpen their skills, and bestow their talents upon this country.

A high-quality education system provides the supports and resources required to meet varying student needs (e.g., English language learners, students with disabilities, and students from poverty), but none of
this is possible without sufficient and equitable funding.

The LAE believes these school funding indicators are the key to Louisiana's economic vitality and sustainable growth. School funding should be:

  1. Sufficient—Funding should be sufficient for students to meet state-established academic
    requirements and to obtain skills enabling them to meet the demands of a rapidly changing,
    competitive global economy.
  2. Equitable—Funds should be distributed according to needs-based criteria; this includes significant
    investment in our most at-risk schools.
  3. Productive—Funding should be transparent and monitored sufficiently to ensure that funds are meeting students’ needs.
  4. Sustainable—Tax structures should be broad-based, equitably shared, and progressive enough to generate the necessary funding in both good and bad economic times.

The association continues to focus legislative efforts surrounding the adequate funding of Louisiana's public schools. Be sure to visit our Legislative Action Center for current actions being initiated by the association to voice concerns surrounding proposals that impact adequate school funding.

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