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2015 Legislator Report Card

BATON ROUGE, LA - August 18, 2015 - The Louisiana Association of Educators’ political action committee, the LAE Fund for Children & Public Education (LAE-FCPE), announces the release its 2015 Legislator Report Card. The committee distributes the evaluation mechanism in order to share information surrounding lawmakers’ positions on legislation that reflects priorities in public education.

“This report card is more than just a list of grades given to each legislator," explained LAE-FCPE Chair Debbie Meaux. “It offers a deeper look at how each lawmaker voted on the issues we feel matter most to Louisiana’s public schools.”

The LAE’s legislative goals are identified at the beginning of each session and are approved by the association’s membership at the annual member gathering, the LAE Representative Assembly. The LAE Lobby Team uses the priorities to evaluate legislators throughout the session. State senators and representatives are given a “vote score” based on their voting record surrounding education legislation. The Lobby Team also scores each legislator on additional criteria including bill sponsorships, back-home access, education advocacy, committee votes, LAE Legislative Contact Team ratings, and education champion points. Points earned or lost by a legislator on these criteria are combined with each lawmaker’s vote score in order to calculate a total score. A final annual score is calculated by taking a composite of the current and previous years’ scores.

“The information we gather is used to make judgments on LAE-FCPE campaign support, contributions, and candidate endorsements,” said LAE Government Relations Specialist Shane Riddle. “The report card serves as a one-stop source of information that helps association members make informative decisions during election season.”

“It is critical that educators stay up to speed on the decisions made by their elected officials during annual legislative sessions,” Meaux said. “Compiling and distributing this important resource to our members helps us to fulfill our commitment to being strong public education advocates, not only for association members, but for every public school employee and student in Louisiana.”

CLICK HERE, to view the complete 2015 LAE-FCPE Legislator Report Card.

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