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LAE Launches "It's Time to Get it Right" Campaign

BATON ROUGE, LA – September 1, 2015 - The leaders of Louisiana’s two largest public school employee unions – the Louisiana Association of Educators and the Louisiana Federation of Teachers announce a joint effort to spotlight candidates who support the best interests of public education. In launching the It’s Time to Get it Right campaign, the unions plan to educate voters on important issues facing Louisiana’s schools, as well as the stands taken by candidates in the upcoming elections.

“Louisiana voters have a unique opportunity to elect leaders to office who can truly transform this state,” said LAE President Debbie Meaux. “This is our chance to get it right…for our schools, our children, and the future of Louisiana!”

“This fall’s election will be a watershed event,” said LFT President Steve Monaghan. “It’s time to take a stand for public education and truly put Louisiana families and kids first. A strong public school system is the foundation of a productive society, booming job market, and thriving economy.”

The two leaders said the It’s Time to Get it Right campaign will include recommendations for Louisiana Governor, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Louisiana Legislature.

A website,, has been established to promote recommended candidates, their platforms, and how to volunteer with the It’s Time to Get it Right campaign. Additional social media will further promote media coverage and community activities and debates in which candidates are involved. Interested parties are encouraged to “like” the It’s Time to Get it Right Louisiana fan page on Facebook; follow the @ItsTimeLA2015 twitter handle; and subscribe to the It’s Time Louisiana YouTube channel.

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