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LAE Leaders Congratulate John Bel Edwards on Historic Gubernatorial Victory

BATON ROUGE, LA - November 21, 2015 - LAE leaders congratulate John Bel Edwards on winning the Louisiana governor’s race. LAE President Debbie Meaux said the members of her organization are thrilled about Saturday’s election results.

“We find ourselves on the cusp of a unique opportunity; not only for public school teachers, parents, and students, but for every Louisiana citizen,” Meaux said. “John Bel Edwards is the governor our state needs – a proven leader, collaborator, and uniter who will work hard to do what is right by Louisiana families. Electing John Bel to office is a major victory for Louisiana.”

Meaux said she takes pride knowing that members of her group played a significant role in helping Edwards to spread his campaign message: a promise to promote policies that truly put Louisiana first – something which Meaux said Edwards has proven during his time as a state representative.

“John Bel Edwards understands that successful Louisiana schools directly contribute to the state’s long-term economic goals. He’s proven this by being a consistent champion for our public education system – grades kindergarten through graduate school,” Meaux said. "We’re eager to begin the long road of redirecting the past eight years of misguided policies enacted by the Jindal administration. There is much to be done and educators are ready to join John Bel Edwards on the journey to restoring our state. It’s time we put Louisiana’s public school educators and students first; and I truly believe Louisiana has elected a governor who will do just that.”

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