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Final 2016 LAE Community Conversations Report: Student Success

BATON ROUGE, LA – NOVEMBER 18, 2016 - A report released by the Louisiana Association of Educators Friday provides an in-depth assessment on what Louisiana citizens feel their neighborhood schools need in order to ensure a better future for children. The newly enacted federal education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), requires input from education stakeholders - the report is the association’s response to this obligation. LAE President Debbie Meaux emphasized how important the authentic voice of rank-and-file community members, parents, and educators is to the law’s success in Louisiana.

“No one knows the needs of a specific community better than the citizens who live there, so it is crucial for these individuals to have a say in the services needed to cater to the most vulnerable residents of the community – the children,” Meaux said. “Through working together, we are sure to experience positive educational outcomes for students who will become the future leaders of our state.”

From September 14, 2016 through October 6, 2016, more than 750 educators, parents, and community members gathered in nine cities across Louisiana in response to the LAE’s call to enhance collaboration on issues related to children’s educational excellence – a matter that ultimately lends itself to the overall health and stability of our communities. During the meetings, attendees received a brief overview of ESSA and then broke into groups to share their thoughts on what neighborhoods need in order to provide children with the types of schools they deserve. The feedback was analyzed and compiled into a report, which the LAE plans to present to the Governor’s Advisory Council on ESSA. CLICK HERE to review the final report.

“We were thrilled to see so many diverse individuals engaged in these ever-so-important discussions,” Meaux said. “We look forward to continued collaborations with all interested parties in order to make ESSA relevant to each school district in the state. We have a chance to get it right for our future, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we are successful.”

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