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Louisiana State Representative Proposes Drastic Cuts to Education Budget: Urgent Action Needed



Send a Letter to Governor Edwards and Ask Him to Protect K-12 Public School Funding

On January 19, Representative Lance Harris (R-Alexandria) announced a plan to reduce the state's budget by more than $300 million. The plan includes a direct cut of nearly $30 million to K-12 public schools for this fiscal year. This cut is in addition to a 24-million-dollar hit to Louisiana's already starved K-12 public schools, bringing the total amount of cuts, this year alone, to a whopping $52 million. The loss of these dollars will have a direct impact on instructional services to students, implementation of higher learning standards, and maintenance of other vital education services.

Louisiana kids need access to a high-quality, K-12 public education in adequately-resourced public schools. They need classrooms that offer one-on-one attention, access to modern technology, and up-to-date learning materials. Kids need the proper support systems and resources to ensure they are getting a well-rounded education delivered by dedicated teachers in supportive classrooms. There's no question about Louisiana's financial state, but we need to focus on kids, not cuts. Slashing vital education funding is not the answer.

Please ask Governor John Bel Edwards to protect funding for Louisiana's K-12 public school students.

The Louisiana Legislative Joint Budget Committee is scheduled to meet next week. It's urgent that Governor Edwards hears from you as soon as possible. Please take immediate action on this urgent matter!



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