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LAE Teaching and Learning Center


Improving student learning for all students is a central part of the LAE's mission. Ensuring great schools through supporting great teaching is crucial to the success of our schools. LAE members build, own, and lead in a number of areas to improve the quality of teaching and learning through our new Teaching and Learning Center. Current workshop options include:


Curriculum focuses on:

  • IDENTIFYING BIAS: Expectations toward race and diversity. 
  • IDENTIFY SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES: Examine ways that people have shared life experiences and different life experiences. Identify shared values.
  • INTERSECTIONALITY: Learn how labels limit relationships.  
  • UNCONSCIOUS BIAS: Attendees learn how to consciously move past unconscious bias.
  • EQUITY LITERACY: Identify policies that limit opportunities for some students.


Curriculum teaches best practices on:

  • DEVELOPING A POSITIVE CLASSROOM: Strategies for getting to know students, getting them to trust each other, and building a safe space for taking academic risks.
  • PROCEDURES, RULES, AND ROUTINES: Best practices on engaging students in establishing rules, and procedures for a smoothly run class.
  • REINFORCEMENTS: Strategies to manage student behavior through realistic positive reinforcement. Teaches about social and cultural undercurrents affecting student engagement.
  • BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNIQUES: Elements of lesson planning, instructional approaches, and effective questioning.
  • CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT BASICS FOR A SMOOTHLY FLOWING CLASS: Teaches about using non-verbal signals, the practice of giving effective directions, and strategies for managing transitions.
  • TEACHER COMMUNICATION STYLE AND INTERACTIONS: Attendees learn about their personal communication styles and how students, administrators, other teachers, and parents may perceive it.
  • HOME AND SCHOOL COMMUNICATION: Examine how parent teacher communication is perceived. Learn tips for dealing with angry or confrontational parents.
  • DEALING WITH DIFFICULT BEHAVIORS: Reflect, analyze, and dig deeply into personal discipline approaches to broaden management skills and learn strategies to manage difficult behaviors.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Best practices for developing a professional profile using social media. Examine some technology policies and procedures for classrooms.

Upcoming Opportunities


*Contact Dr. Suzanne Harris for more information.


  • Day-long study sessions geared toward helping teachers learn about the key concepts and strategies needed to pass the Praxis.


  • Two/Three-day training offers attendees a chance to learn about each component of National Board Certification and its requirements in a collaborative, supportive environment. 

Be sure to like the LAE Teaching and Learning Center facebook page for updates on upcoming trainings and networking events. You can also contact the center's coordinator, Suzanne Harris to find out how to get involved with the center.

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