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Discounts and Savings

The LAE/NEA Member Benefits Program is exclusive to association members. The program consists of valuable benefits, savings, and resources that benefit you. Through the association's Member Benefits Program, it's easy to get the relevant information, practical tips, and tools you need to make the right decisions for your family and career.

For a listing of all the products and services available to you as a member, please log on the Members Only portion of this site.

Advance Your Career; Enhance Your Opportunities

We understand your commitment to your students and your profession. We know the investment you make - and that's why we're so proud to give back to you, with everything from discounts on classroom supplies to resources that make you a better educator. As a member, you will have access to these savings.

Managing Your Money

Life can be challenging when it comes to making financial decisions that affect your family’s dreams and future plans. From managing credit and planning a family budget to saving for your child’s college education and funding your retirement, the LAE/NEA is ready to support you in your decision-making process. As a member, you can bank on great rates and cash awards

Affordable Protection

In today’s world, there’s really no such thing as financial peace of mind without the right amount of insurance coverage. The LAE/NEA provides you with the tools you need to start building a portfolio of coverage that protects the people you cherish and the possessions you value. As a member, you can prepare for whatever life brings.


Before you buy anything, see what our member-only program can do for you. As a member, you can stretch every dollar you earn.

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