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Legal Services

LAE Attorney Referral Program

The LAE has identified attorneys throughout the state who have agreed to handle certain personal matters at a substantially reduced rate. During any membership year, eligible members are entitled to one free thirty-minute consultation session with any of the association's approved attorneys. During your free consultation session, you may discuss any legal matter as outlined below.


At a 30% discount rate, you can have a participating attorney prepare your will, assist with estate planning, provide legal assistance if you are named executor or administrator of an estate, or offer legal councel in guardianship proceedings.


Participating attorneys will provide assistance with the purchase or sale of residential property, disputes with landlords, property line controversies and problems with zoning laws or land use regulations.


Participating attorneys will provide assistance at the discounted fee for disputes with creditors or finance agencies and proceedings with retailers concerning defective merchandise.


You can receive legal representation, at the LAE Referral Program's discounted rate, to handle charges of operating while impaired, careless driving or other offenses involving the potential loss of license, a jail sentence and/or financial liability.


The benefits listed with the Attorney Referral Program are just a few of the many areas covered under this program. The LAE Attorney Referral Service is a benefit that is provided to members of the Louisiana Association of Educators at no charge.

If you need the help of an attorney for any legal issue that is not governed by the LAE legal services program, please call the LAE Attorney Referral Service at (225) 757-5111 or CLICK HERE to submit an inquiry.

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