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Legislative Action

LAE Legislative and Political Action Department

The LAE Legislative and Political Action Department drives the association's efforts to strengthen public schools through federal and state legislation and policies.

Through the use of the digital advocacy tool, Action Network, LAE leaders initiate petitions and letter writing campaigns for members to voice their concerns about the most pressing issues facing Louisiana's K-12 public school classrooms.

Be sure to head over to the Louisiana Association of Educators Action Network page to learn about, and take part, in our current organizing issues.


LAE lobbyists maintain an impactful presence at the Louisiana State Capitol during annual gatherings of the Louisiana Legislature. These respected men and women monitor all legislation that relates to public school students and education professionals and take appropriate actions to protect those involved with the state's public school system.

Want to join our cause? CLICK HERE to contact your lawmaker directly.

Legislative Advocacy Resources

LAE activists educate members, as well as the public, on issues that stand to have the most significant impacts on Louisiana's classrooms. We use the digital advocacy tool, Action Network, to coordinate letter writing campaigns and petitions on certain issues. Whether it's supporting or opposing a particular policy, or expressing approval or disappointment in a lawmaker, LAE ensures that members' opinions are heard and ultimately, considered, in all political decisions that impact Louisiana's public schools.

Advocacy Campaigns

LAE incorporates member-driven feedback into all association advocacy campaigns. Through member-focus groups or surveys, we work to develop and organize association and community members around pro-public education issues and actions.


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