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Member Benefits

Savings and Discounts and Perks, Oh my!



Informative Publications

Members have access to state and national publications that focus on the world of K-12 public education.

Discounts and Savings

LAE members have access to the National Education Association's customized program of valuable benefits, savings, and professional resources.

Access to Grants

Need help funding an innovative classroom program? Working on a community project that stands to impact your local school district? LAE members have exclusive access to classroom and community grants offered at both the state and national level.

Member Advocacy Hotline

LAE is a proactive advocate when it comes to protecting your rights. Make sure to take advantage of the LAE Advocacy Center - an exclusive professional resource available to LAE members only.






Legal Services

From access to liability insurance to discounted attorney services, LAE has your back when it comes to issues that require the professional knowledge of legal practitioners.

Professional Development

From the groundbreaking LAE Teaching and Learning Center (LAE-TLC) to one-of-a-kind leadership workshops, LAE provides members with easy access to relevant professional growth opportunities.


Members-Only Resources



Networking Opportunities

LAE offers members opportunities to meet, and ultimately learn from, colleagues from across the nation.

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