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You support students. LAE supports you.

Association Campaigns

From spotlighting the phenomenal work of Louisiana's educators to fighting to end excessive student testing, LAE works on statewide campaigns focusing on those issues that are most important to members.

LAE Advocacy Center

LAE offers members access to an exclusive Advocacy Center hotline, manned by an education policy specialist who can answer questions surrounding work-related issues, contract language, and public school policy concerns.

Legislative Action

LAE takes pride in being actively involved in education politics. The association employs a special lobby team to deal with public school policy and craft legislation to best impact the public schools of the state.

Community Partners

LAE understands the importance of working with community partners to communicate the needs of public school employees and students. The association is involved in a number of coalitions in ensure a voice at the table when it comes to community-wide, pro-public education initiatives.

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