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Inside LAE

What we stand for. Who we are. How to belong.




LAE's Mission

Empowering educators to make schools great for's what we do!

Check out the principles that guide the LAE in its work to make strides in Louisiana's public education system.



From Acadia to Zachary, LAE affiliates span the great state of Louisiana. Take a gander at our local chapters, here.


Calendar of Events

From leadership conferences and trainings to member conventions and community events, LAE members stay busy year-round. Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming events.




Leaders and Staff

LAE leaders establish the objectives that drive staff's work. Together, these groups make up the lifeline of the association. Get to know association leaders and staff, here.

LAE in the News

Whether it's speaking out on changes to education policy or expressing educator/student needs to the public, LAE members are newsmakers. We use our spiffy communications networks to bring important education news straight to you. Check out a sampling our latest headlines.


Join Now

Duh, why wouldn't you want to join a professional organization that has your back? Become a member, TODAY!

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